Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Becker-Posner debate Chinese Pollution

It is encouraging to see that two of the heavy weights of Economics blogging have deemed it interesting enough to post on Chinese pollution levels. They touch on an issue we have been highlighting on this blog since its inception.

China is in many respects the front line issue of environmental economics in my opinion.

The Posner-Becker article covers the basic environmental economics of the topic touching on Coase and Kuznets curves. Posts on these topics can be found under the "Environmental Economics" label in the sidebar or by simply searching this blog from the search bar at the top of the blog. It is a good refresher and some excellent comments have been added.

What spurred their interest was the New York Times article we discussed below.

Growth and the Environment

In an article by E.C. Economy she really goes to town with a good 7 page article on the topic (highlights in this post).

Elizabeth C. Economy on "The great leap backward?"

Other posts from the last month alone that may be of interest include:

Environmental Cheap Talk in China

The Toothless Dragon: New Chinese Environmental Regulations

Japan blames China for increased pollution: Transboundary effects

It will not be long until my Econ211 students have to get their teeth into this stuff.

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