Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Globalisation and the Environment Blog": 1 year old today

The "Globalisation and the Environment" blog is 1 year old today.

Some statistics:

1. There have been 388 posts which averages out at 1.063 posts per day. Although not excessive, sustaining such a rate will be tough given that real work has a habit of intervening.

2. We have over 52,000 visitors in that year (over 4000 a month) according to Statcounter (although this was not introduced until a little later). Feeds are close to 150.

3. We have a Technorati ranking of 134,152 and a Economics Blog Ranking of 70/141 (as of today). Sadly still some way behind Freakonomics and Greg Mankiw's blogs but respectable for a non-US blog in a niche area of Economics (and on blogger).

4. Assuming an average time per post of 30 minutes, the time spent writing this blog (excluding what one might laughably call design time) equals 194 hours or 8 whole days. The opportunity cost is therefore likely to be at least a couple of academic papers (assuming constant paper writing for 194 hours). The rewards are, of course, rather difficult to quantify so I consider them priceless.

5. Speaking of which, our advertising revenues are, as you would expect, laughable. See HERE for our advertising policy. The grand total is around $70 or £35 which works out at a grand total of close to 10p or 20c per day. This equates to approximately 35 cups of a quality coffee or 70 cups of a poor quality substitute or around 2/3s of a cup per week. The hourly pay equates to around 18p an hour - some way below the minimum wage in this country. I should also add that I have not actually received a single penny as I can't quite work out how it all works so the coffee is all on the never never at the moment. We would consider going advert free but I think some adverts are actually pretty informative in this area (carbon offsetting etc.)

Click to keep the coffee flowing :-)

Now, how does one rig the technorati statistics?

The next update will be on the 28th August 2008. Will we have grown, shrunk, closed down or been bought out my a media mogul for tens of pounds?



Keith said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary guys! I didn't realize that "Globalisation" and "Temas" started at almost the exact same time! (Should I dare a joke about great minds thinking alike?) Keep up the good work. As you know, I am fan and regular reader, and I believe that your rank can only improve as more people discover your blog.
All the Best, Keith R

cooler choice said...

congratulations keep up the great work