Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink

Climate change can make things look rather odd at times...

China Says Climate Change Drying up Major Rivers
BEIJING - Chinese scientists have warned that rising temperatures are draining wetlands at the head of the the country's two longest rivers, choking their flow and imperilling water supplies to hundreds of millions of people.

China Warns of More Flood Misery, Disease
BEIJING - Hundreds of thousands of villagers in east China's Huai river basin, already suffering the region's worst flooding in 50 years, have been told to brace for more heavy rains this week, state media reported on Monday.

Torrential summer rains across the country have fed floods and landslides that had killed 403 people, left 105 missing and forced the evacuation of 3.17 million by Friday, the China Daily said.

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Scott ryan said...

yes thats true. due to rising temprature the glaciers are melting which is a serious issue.