Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why Climate Change Economics is important: Stern speaks

In a recent interview with the FT, Sir Nicholas Stern about his review and other issues:

INTERVIEW: Chanes improve for a Kyoto successor[FT subscription required].

In this blog post it is useful to highlight his conclusion which is a neat summary of teh link between economics and climate change (and hence the issues that this blog aims to encompass).

Stern on climate change now that he is back in Academia:

"It is a subject that's so important and so interesting, you've got everything in there, even the ethics, the economicsiof risk,all sorts of industrial economics, detailed public economics of what you do in a perfect economy, you've got game theory, expansion of trade and development, everything, finanical structures, there's hardly any part of economics that's not there. It is absolutely fascinating, so I will stay involved with that".

We of course agree and is one of the motivations for maintaining this environmental economics blog.

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