Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Foamhenge - ancient monument American style

As I was getting my daily dose of Environmental-Economics I was skimming some article about flogging off national parks when this line struck me over the head..

"A natural wonder may be priceless, but the owners of Natural Bridge in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley want $32.5 million. The price includes the limestone arch, bearing the initials of George Washington when he surveyed the site, as well as 1,600 acres containing a hotel, gift shop, wax museum, caverns, and an attraction called "Foamhenge," a Stonehenge look-alike."

How could I have lived this long without knowing about the existence of Foamhenge. This strikes me as one of the best ideas since Vegas.

See env-econ for the full and environmental economics relevant article. Otherwise read on.

A little more digging provides some great pictures of "foamhenge".

Which is only bettered by some of the close ups.

Of course, what is the first photo we would all take:

Having visited the English equivalent on a number of occassions in the days of yore I must say that the US version appears far cleaner which is either a result of the fact that it is built out of white foam or that the UK version is close to a very busy road (and the natural aging process that a few thousand years imparts).

Does Foamhenge also have the associated Druids?

I finish with a competition. Foamhenge or Stonehenge?

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Anonymous said...

Foamhenge! I wouldn't feel disrespectful in turning up at foamhenge, taking my trousers off and running around for a while. I'm sure its much more fun than dreary old stonehenge.