Friday, May 18, 2007

The climate change news in 2057

In an interesting piece of creative writing, students from University College Falmouth have written a 4 page supplement for the little known "falmouth packet" describing the sort of newpaper articles we may get in 50 years time if we do nothing about climate change.

Falmouth is a fishing port in the very south west for none UK residents. Having spent many a day in Falmouth in my youth I whole heartedly recommend a visit.

The line is that none of these stories are true ..... yet!

Falmouth Packet Online

Front page[PDF]

Second page[PDF]

Third page[PDF

Some of the headlines include:

BANNED SHIP FEARED LOST: Outcry as climate change refugees sent back out to sea

Malaria warning for county as deaths mount

Shark nets to disappear from local beaches

Cornwall escapes worst of nuclear fall out

Weather domes to bring back the beauty of spring

Cool-tan salons to expand

Jail for heartless carbon-credit fraudster

Cornwall coast on new storm surge alert

Petrol-car rally amazes local crowds

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