Thursday, March 01, 2007

Resources for the Future 50% off books

Thanks to the guys for the pointer:

Resources for the Future (RFF) are offering 50% off books bought in the next 15 days.

Greetings from RFF Press!

In celebration of Earth Day, we are pleased to announce a promotional discount of 50% off our books, valid from March 1 - April 15.

Please use the special discount code, EDA, while shopping online at You may also order via phone – (410)516-6965 or 1-800-537-5487, by faxing our order form to (410)516-6998, or through e-mail at

Thank you, and happy Earth Day!

There are some good texts available although too many books on agriculture for my liking - a peculiar US academic trait. How do they sustain so many "Agricultural departments and so many agricultural economists (writing so many books)"? The UK has virtually none left and agriculture's contribution to GDP shrinks every year as I am sure it does in the US.

A couple of books that look interesting and that I should buy (especially if they are half price :-) include:

Reality Check: The Nature and Performance of Voluntary Environmental Programs in the United States, Europe, and Japan by Richard D. Morgenstern and William A. Pizer, Editors. With a promotion VIDEO!

The RFF Reader in Environmental and Resource Policy, 2nd Edition
Wallace E. Oates, editor.

Small Firms and the Environment in Developing Countries Collective Impacts, Collective Action, Allen Blackman, Editor

Environmental and Resource Economics in the World of the Poor, Partha Dasgupta

There are so many books I gave up after authors beginning with "G". Happy hunting.


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