Friday, February 09, 2007

Regulations and Deforestation: 1000 words

From the Greenpeace website.

The photo below won 2nd prize in the 'Contemporary Issues' section of the world's permier photo competition.

The photo shows an area of the Amazon that has been cleared to make way for Soya plantations. The lone tree in the photo is a Brazil Nut tree, protected under Brazilian law.

This picture tells so many stories. First, it enables the viewer to get a handle on the scale of the land clearance in Brazil - the straight lines giving a feel for the efficiency with which it is done. Second, the lone Brail Nut tree saved from the chainsaws. Did they really leave all Brazil Nut trees? What about when nobody was looking? There is also something faintly absurd about cutting down vast swathes of the Amazon with the knock on effects for global warming and yet going to all that effort to save a single Brazil Nut tree.

Somehow this picture summerises the environmental mess we are in/ getting into.

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Anonymous said...

And it is most likely dead, killed by the drastic change in the surrounding ecosystem components both above and below ground and the total disruption of their complex relationships. But it was "preserved" according to the law.