Wednesday, February 07, 2007

London Calling: Uk to host climate change meeting for Economists

Again, Gordon Brown is showing his green credentials by getting Stern to gather parliamentarians and economists from around the globe to discuss the economics of climate change.

On a somewhat smaller scale we are also holding a workshop here at the University of Birmingham on March 9th on the Economics of the Stern Report. More details to follow soon.

Britain to Host Climate Change Economics Meeting

LONDON - Britain will later this year host a meeting of politicians and economists from around the world to discuss the costs of climate change, chief government economist Nicholas Stern said on Tuesday.

Stern is the author of a report that last October warned that the costs of delaying action on global warming could be 20 times higher than acting now on areas such as curbing the burning of fossil fuels.

"It's a gathering of parliamentarians and economists from different countries to talk through the issues," he said of the planned conference which is likely to take place towards the end of the year.

Finance minister Gordon Brown has asked Stern and Colin Challen, chair of the UK All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, to organise the event.

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