Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Blogs Entries: Conservation Finance, Eco-Critic and Celsias

Whilst we try to keep the blogroll to a relatively small and select few split into "Environmental Economics" and broader "Green Interest" blogs these three blogs warrant inclusion.

Conservation Finance is not new and I had thought I had linked to this long ago. This has some good articles on Carbon Trading and Derivative trading etc. A good resource for finance students run by Lars Smith.

Examples of recent posts include:

More problems with carbon credits

Finance Student’s Toolkit

Weather derivatives links

Eco-Critic is a new blog filed under green interest.
This blog aims to discuss the political issues associated with global warming and climate change. It seeks to address the problem from a non-ideological perspective, from neither left or right, but from the viewpoint that this issue transcends our petty political divides. Over time the author hopes to expand the scope of the blog to deal with the emergence of eco-critical issues in the humanities.

Celsias is a professional business site with a blog as a sideline with numerous writers. A very slick site. Again, it is primarily "green interest" and not academic. Celsias' opening line is:
Welcome to the world's first online community for households and businesses to get paid for reducing the carbon emissions from their everyday energy usage.

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