Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Breathing Earth: Life and Death (and CO2) in motion

Interesting website called "Breathing Earth" that provides a map of the world with each country's birth and death rate and time it takes for that country to emit 1000 tonnes of CO2.

The US leads the way with 5.4 seconds, China 9.2 seconds, UK 58 seconds and others such as Malaysia 3.5 minutes and Cameroon 2.5 hours and Lethotho at 11.6 DAYS.

The birth and death rate numbers are also interesting. In the time it took to post this blog entry nearly 3500 people have been born, 1500 have died and 600,000 tonnes have been emitted.

A nice little resource.

Hat-tip: Celsias "It pays to save the world".

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Anonymous said...

I've had this on for a few minutes now. Thanks for finding this! I'm not sure whether its depressed me or impressed me ;) Either way they say a picture of worth a thousand words.