Friday, December 08, 2006

Nobel Prize for Climate Change: All hot air

This blog notes the suggestion from Boerge Brende that there should be a new Nobel Prize for the environment.
Boerge Brende, Norway's minister of the environment in 2001-2004 and now a Conservative member of parliament, said an environment prize could be set up as an award in memory of Alfred Nobel, like the economics prize.

We, of course, support this motion. Along with the Nobel Prize for Economics this would then give the writers of this blog two Nobel Prizes to aim for instead of just the one :-)

Geir Lundestad, head of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, said: "This question has already been discussed in the Nobel Foundation and the clear decision has been that no new Nobel prizes are to be created."

More equations and less tree planting it is then.



Rob Metcalfe said...

Well its possible to get another $1m prize for the environment: - our very own David King is ont he panel.

Rob Elliott said...

Thanks for the pointer. Even third prize gets one $200,000.

I might do a piece on this prize. Looks like an interesting set up and an interesting set of winners.