Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Eve Party Post: The Sustainable Nightclub

New Years Eve is nearly upon us. Many will use up a lot of energy in a multitude of different ways - now we have a way of channeling some of the spent energy through the invention of the "sustainable nightclub". Admittedly, people over 30 or economists (or indeed those who are unfortunate enough to be both) are not the best qualified to comment, but I suspect this is indeed the future of nightclubs as we know it.

My new years eve question is which musical genre would optimise energy production subject to the constraint of maximising participation?

My vote is for Punk which traditionally involves the individual doing the pogo (the repeated jumping and down in a dense crowd) although I suspect this musical choice may not maximise the number of participants.

*see below for the amusing Wiki definition. It's all coming back to me now ;-)

The pogo is a dance where the dancers jump up and down, while remaining in the same location; the dance takes its name from its resemblance to the use of a pogo stick, especially in a common version of the dance, where an individual keeps their torso stiff, their arms rigid, and their legs close together. Although just as often, pogo dancers will flail their arms around wildly while thrashing their bodies about.

While similar to the religious dances of the Pentecostal faith and various African tribes, pogo dancing is perhaps most associated with punk rock, as both performers and audience members at punk rock performances often pogo; a pogo mob is a group of pogo dancers at a punk concert (see also punk dance).

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