Friday, December 15, 2006

Global Warming Facts and Figures

A post for the record and to refer back to although there are not many facts and some of them aren't really facts at all.

Key Facts About Global Warming

This year is set to be the sixth warmest since records began in the 1850s, with 10 of the warmest years in the past 12, according to a British report on Thursday.

The report by the British Meteorological Office and the University of East Anglia linked a gradual rise in temperatures in recent years to greenhouse gases from human activities.
Following are some key facts about global warming:

- "There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities," the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in its latest report in 2001.

- Concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, largely from burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and vehicles, have risen by more a third since before the Industrial Revolution.

- Concentrations of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, rose to 379 parts per million (ppm) in 2006 from 280 ppm for the period 1000-1750, the World Meteorological Organization said.

- Temperatures rose by about 0.6 Celsius (1.1 Fahrenheit) during the 20th century and may rise by a further 1.4-5.8 Celsius from 1990 to 2100, a rate of warming without precedent in at least 10,000 years, the IPCC said.

- Rising temperatures are likely to cause more floods, erosion, desertification, heatwaves and drive many species to extinction. Benefits in some regions may include longer growing seasons. Sea levels are likely to rise by 9-88 centimetres (3.5-34.7 inches) from 1990 to 2100, swamping coasts.

- A minority of scientists say the IPCC grossly underestimates the role of natural variations in the climate.


Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh! that is absoloutley terrible! not many people are taking this climate change situation seriously!! what are we doing to our world!?

Anonymous said...

That is amazing i have never heard anything like is before!!! omg

Anonymous said...

what is happening to the world like omg what are we going to do it is like so terrible im so going to go and do a sit in outside for like greenpeace yeah it will be well cool anyone want to join???

Anonymous said...

OMG Shut up. Global warming is a sign of God taking out his pain on all non builiveres. Global warming is a good thing becuse I can save money on going abroad for got weather!!!

Anonymous said...

It's cold in England, the quiker Global warming happens the better. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Luke Gully's Mum smells of cat food and elphant urine by the way cristano ronaldo is shit

Anonymous said...

rising temperatures may be good in some areas of the world, but rising sea levels, I can safely say will wipe out tons of seaside cities and towns. you people aren't looking at global warming as a whole. while the sound of england turning into a tropical paradise may be good to a few people, by that time much of the warmer world, such as central america and central africa/asia will be much too hot to live in. then when your area becomes overpopulated due to people immegrating from these places, you may say that global warming is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

well this is worrying but people dont care, they are selfish and do not have a conscience to stopthis problem. there are two tipes of people.. the ones who polute and dont care and the ones who do something. Madoxx