Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"China's Embrace of Globalization": review article

This recent NBER working paper provides a good source of trends, referenes and data sources for anyone doing empirical FDI/international trade research on China.

As the authors correctly point out, many more international trade economists are doing work on China including myself. I currently have 2 Chinese PhD students looking at trade, FDI and the environment.

This paper provides excellent background research of the policy issues even if the tables and graphs are rather basic using widely published data.

To get access to the fulltext may require permissions. If you are a student or academic your University should have these so try using a University library computer.

"China's Embrace of Globalization" NBER Working Paper No. W12373

Columbia University - Columbia Business School,
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Institute for International Economics

Full Text:

ABSTRACT: As China has become an increasingly important part of the global trading system over the past two decades, interest in the country and its international economic policies has increased among international economists who are not China specialists.

This paper represents an attempt to provide the international economics community with a succinct summary of the major steps in the evolution of Chinese policy toward international trade and foreign direct investment and their consequences since the late 1970s. In doing so, we draw upon and update a number of more comprehensive book-length treatments of the subject. It is our hope that this paper will prove to be a useful resource for the growing numbers of international economists who are exploring China-related issues, either in the classroom or in their own research.

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