Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Predictable news of the day: US is 53/56 for climate change

In a surprise league table of those countries that are doing the most to tackle climate changes comes the news that Sweden is top and US is 53 (out of 56). The UK comes a very creditable second

PlanetSave provides the full story.

Sweden tops climate change efforts, U.S. near bottom, environmentalists say

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ Sweden, Britain and Denmark are doing the most to protect against climate change, but their efforts are not nearly enough, according to a report released Monday by environmental groups.

The United States _ the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases _ ranked at 53, with only China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia doing worse.

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Keith R said...

Hi Rob. As I noted in my blog, I found it interesting that Argentina and Brazil were among the top 10, and Mexico in at #16. Argentina and Brazil rated better than France, India, Switzerland, and Belgium, and all three LAC nations fared better than Austria, China, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, Australia and the US.

It must be a function of how the 3 components (per capita emissions, total energy-related CO2 emissions, policy) are weighed and calculated (3rd by its nature will be subjective). The US certainly deserves to be last or close to it (no matter how you weigh the 3 factors), but I am not sure that any of the 3 LAC nations deserve to be rated as high as they are.

Best Regards,