Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hazardous Fog in China: Where did that Javelin go?

This photograph shows clearly (or not so clearly) the continuing pollution problems in China (Beijing in this case).

The key point is that the pollution index is obviously very high. If such an "event" occured during the Olympics you can imagine the chaos. Javelin anyone?

Apartment and office buildings in Beijing central business district are covered by heavy fog which enveloped the Chinese capital and much of north China November 21, 2006.

Heavy fog enveloped Beijing and much of north China on Monday, forcing the closure of highways, delaying flights across an area as large as Britain and lifting the pollution index in the capital to one level below hazardous.

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nmathys said...

Hi Rob, it seems that they have similar big problems in Hongkong. They are also concerned about the competitiveness of the finanial sectors because bankers prefer working in Singapore for instance.
Nice blog!