Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Al Gore and Climate Change: The Guardian Interview

For those that have not seen "an inconvenient truth" here is a link to a well structured video that provides a quick summary of the film and then an 45 minute interview with Al Gore on climate change.

This content links with our recent previous posts asking "Who is James Inhofe?" and "Global Warming: The most media hyped environmental issue of all time?"

It may be useful to read the "hype" post above and the link to James Inhofes full speech before watching the video (or indeed the film). Compare and contrast and think about the statistics provided.

What better way to spend an evening.

Thanks to Treehugger for the link. Treehugger is an excellent site for general "green information" and products where each post is astonshingly well researched and referenced.

Here is the link to the Guardian video of Al Gore talking about Climate Change. The interview is from last June by the way.

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