Monday, September 04, 2006

PDF to EXCEL - excellent research tool

We have recently started some work investigating Value of Statistical Life estimates for the UK (a topic I am sure we will return to as it provides many points of discussion - the US EPA for example, use VSL estimates for cost-benefit analysis of regulations etc.)

However, the data for some of the early years came in PDF format. To be usable data needs to be in Excel or STATA. When I did this it took many hours to covert the data (effectively long hand - text select and copy does not really work that well).

Only now do I discover this excellent package that is FREE for a year to academic users and students (just email them). I think it costs for anyone else.

If you ever need to convert PDF data to EXCEL see below for a description and link - given its use (it would have saved me hours) we have even stuck a link in the sidebar.


PDF2XL is a world leading data conversion tool, enabling business users to extract data from tables in PDF documents to Excel. With PDF2XL, business users can extract data themselves, fasts and easy, from any PDF file into their personal computing environment. PDF2XL handles any PDF file format, whether generated by application, reporting software, or scanned files.
Using PDF2XL, with just a click on the mouse, business users can export selected data to Excel, without loosing the formatting and table structure in the PDF, immediately ready for their work.

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