Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ecotopia - the natural world in peril and full glory

According to the NY times in reference to a new "environmental" art exhibition:
“Ecotopia,” the edifying, entertaining and ecologically aware exhibition that opened last night at the International Center of Photography, means to get your attention.

Here is a link to the NY times article. "Ecotopia". Also included is an interesting multimedia walk through.
“Ecotopia” might be described as “An Inconvenient Truth” in exhibition form. It is a tale of beauty and devastation told by nearly 40 photojournalists and artists. Their viewpoints vary, as do their subjects and forms, but you rarely escape a sense of nature’s vast, incalculable richness or of photography’s ability to do it justice. There may be no greater meeting of subject and medium.

For environmental degradation the following exhibits appear to be spot on:
For tragedy, a small gallery offers continuous projections of the often unforgettable images made by several intrepid photojournalists. Their subjects include the black market in endangered species (Patrick Brown); the Inupiat people of Alaska, among the first victims of global warming (Gilles Mingasson); attempts to exact remediation from ChevronTexaco for waste disposal practices in the Ecuadorean Amazon (Lou Dematteis and Kayana Szymczak); the devastation of Katrina (Vincent Laforet, whose photographs were taken on assignment for The New York Times); and protests against logging in roadless American forests (Christopher LaMarca).

Perhaps I have solved my "undergraduate image" problem from two posts ago. If only I could get all my students to New York.

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