Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dancing with Giants: The rise of China and India and their environmental impact

The World Bank have recently published a research document "Dancing with Giants" that examines how the rapid economic growth of these countries impacts on other countries.

Dancing with Giants

The document considers the standard economic "globalization" topics such as international trade, FDI, industrialisation and capital flows.

Chapter 5 of this document however, considers the environmental impact that these countries have both globally and locally.

Energy and Emissions: Local and Global Effects of the Rise of China and India.

The key questions that the chapter seeks to address are as follows:

1. What is likely to be the demand for energy—particularly oil and coal—under a businessas-
usual (BAU) scenario in China and India in 2020 and up to 2050?

2. What are likely to be the associated levels of emissions that could have damaging
consequences at the local level (such as particulate matter), regional level (such as ozone,
sulfur and acid rain), and the global level (CO2 in particular)?

3. What strategic domestic interventions in the development of the energy producing and
energy using sectors might make a significant difference in the energy path relative to a
business as usual scenario?

The article includes some good background graphs and tables and some decent analysis covering all of the main issues. An excellent set of references to papers in well known economic journals is provided at the back if further information is required.

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