Monday, May 09, 2011

Climate change has been good - so far - but its getting worse

So says Richard Tol in this new research paper that uses the FUND3.6 model to examine the impact of climate change in the 20th century.

So what is the punchline - overall climate change has been good for the world (on average).

The Economic Impact of Climate Change in the 20th Century

Date: 2011-02

By: Tol, Richard S. J.


The national version of FUND3.6 is used to infrapolate the impacts of climate change to the 20th century. Carbon dioxide fertilization of crops and reduced energy demand for heating are the main positive impacts. Climate change had a negative effect on water resources and, in most years, human health. Most countries benefitted from climate change until 1980, but after that the trend is negative for poor countries and positive for rich countries. The global average impact was positive.

Keywords: Climate change/impacts/Impacts of climate change/Human health


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