Monday, October 16, 2006

Actions speak louder than words

Oh dear. The British government likes to sound very tough in its fight against climate change but it appears ministers are not leading by example. Much to the annoyance of the government, some pesky journalists have calculated that British government ministers clocked up 6.5 million air miles between April 2005 and April 2006. They have also calculated that these flights would have generated around 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Politicians are an easy target, but how many air miles are also clocked up by academics working in environmental fields? I dread to think how many air miles were generated by the 1000 participants at this summer's World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists held in Kyoto, Japan. Then there are the countless other conferences held each year by ecologists, atmospheric scientists, meteorologists etc, often in far-flung exotic locations. Maybe the so-called experts should lead by example.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the environmental "experts" do lead the way by using the carbon offsetting provisions that many airlines offer.

It is those that fly around Europe for weekends and firms that send their employees half way round the world for pointless meetings that need to think more carefully.